I’m officially ticketed!

I’m departing the US on the evening of August 12, 2022.

T-minus nine (!!) days left of frantic packing and organizing.

Ticketing is a fun administrative hurdle to clear, because it means they’ve pretty much run out of reasons to disqualify me. PQ, background check, HR processes, and everything else have all come back favorable.

Flights from my Airport of Departure (AOD), in my case San Francisco International Airport (SFO), are on standard commercial airlines.

The final leg of the journey, from Christchurch, NZ to McMurdo Station, is on a USAP-managed flight. For Winfly, it’s typically a C-17 operated by the US Air Force.

Details change often based on weather or other operational concerns, but my target “ice flight” date is currently August 17, 2022.