More Delays

I have now been in Christchurch for 9 days, and the current estimate is that I’ll be here for another 5 days.

Stupid Walk Me going on a stupid little daily walk, for my stupid physical and mental health.

I know that folks are working as hard as they can behind the scenes to get us deployed as quickly as possible, but there are a number of individual operational issues that are causing a cascade of flight delays.

In the meantime, we’ve all been instructed to be as cautious as possible. I’m going outside once a day for exercise, getting all meals delivered, and generally trying to stay as isolated as possible. The goal is to minimize the risk of catching COVID, which would result in me either being removed from the flight or inadvertently bringing COVID down to the station.

Daily Routine My daily routine.

Yesterday I made it over to the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. It’s nearby, away from people, and doesn’t require me to go inside any buildings:

Fountain Cool fountain!

Pond Cool pond!

The food situation has been hit or miss.

This Basil Pesto & Haloumi Bagel was delicious:

Bagel mmm

But this plate of “nachos” left me with many unanswered questions:

Nachos Expectation Expectation: Yum! Looks good!

Nachos Reality Reality: ...there was barbecue sauce on it. I'm at a loss.

And, of course, the coffee situation is getting more and more dire.

Worse Coffee Please send help.

I’ll be happy once I’m finally on a plane headed to McMurdo. In the meantime, I’m off to go make another disappointing latte and gaze longingly out the window.

Ice flight in (???) days.